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    • MaryJane
      Not to burst the bubble nor be too much of a cynic, I did think that the drop in points were not going to be immediate. The only time I think that the points will drop considerably in the draws will be when there are back-to-back draws. I've read before that at least 1,500 applicants join the EE pool each week. And they're not all scoring under 400. So if we take that into account, plus the current draws are just around +/- 2500, some time will have to pass before the points reach a new level of average. I think 430s are the new 460s. I remember in 2016, the draws were between 450-490 on average. A video came out in May 2016 where someone (from CIC?) spoke about the points going down to the 400s. And we all know that it only came close to 400s around April/May this year. So that's about a year of waiting. Video link provided by Druce here - http://www.sacanada.org/topic/20073-express-entry-draws-2016/?do=findComment&comment=162068 Granted 430s are not that far from the 400s. All we really need is one or two back-to-back draws as a christmas present.
    • Hes
      Hi, I'm interested in sharing a container from Johannesburg to ship a couple of furniture pieces. Have you received any quotes?
    • Christelle
      Thanks so much @billgeek please keep on sharing. All your notes on each of your experiences are all so helpful! Thank you for sharing!
    • SunshineGirl
      @billgeek, thank you so much for your post!  Really enjoyed reading it & the nuggets of useful info. Congrats on making the move & on all the things that you have done to far to set up shop!  Would love to still hear your thoughts & experiences on settling in. ;-) ;-)
    • chayne
      @Marcola are you Marelda on the PNP AOR Aug-Sep-Oct 2017 WhatsApp group?