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    • CallMeIshmael
      After submitting the application how long do you wait for biometrics request? I wanted to travel a bit after submitting the final application but I’m unable to plan my trip because I’m not sure how it works. Do you have to wait for a request or can you get them done before? 
    • MaryJane
      Hi @Yolandib Previous applicants provided letters of explanation (LOE) where a section was not applicable/relevant. See this conversation thread: Good luck!
    • Yolandib
      Please help me! We received an ITA this week so busy with the application. My husband is the main applicant. In our EE profile I mentioned my Highschool diploma but we are not claiming any points for it. On our documents checklist it now asks for proof of post-secondary diploma to be uploaded (I only have a highschool diploma). Do I upload my matric certificate even though I did not get an ECA for it and it is not a post-secondary diploma? Can I leave out education all together even though I mentioned it in EE profile without claiming points?
    • Lizelle
      True, but he did not say anything about pay   It depends on what the OP is looking to get out of the year.  If you want to take a year and travel Canada, then that is an excellent (and cheaper) way of doing it, since you get room and board.  And you get to chat to the locals.  Plus, that post is a person with a horse farm.  So you can probably go around and just woof at horse farms all over the country.  
    • Jules
      No pay. You work in exchange for board and lodging so it’s not technically working for free, but $0 income isn’t ideal after you factor in flights and personal expenses.