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    • KelvinK
      @Delenedv We landed in Toronto about a year ago and used Airbnb for 3 months before renting long term. If you want to stay downtown, I would recommend somewhere inside this block: Queens Quay, Spadina, Queen and Bay. This area is very well connected and close to everything. If you're looking at someplace outside of downtown, I would make sure to be close to the subway - you don't want to waste your time waiting for a bus or streetcar. Let me know if you had another area in mind - I'm happy to advise. Just make sure that the Airbnb has good reviews and has authorization from the building. There has been lots of clampdowns on Airbnbs lately and there are people renting out their condo units without consent from the buildings' management.  Regarding stores: We like Winners and Nordstorm Rack - they are reasonably prices and overall good quality. You can sometimes find great bargains here when scanning through their stores. Documents: Not sure for LSD trips, as we came to stay and only had a one way ticket, haha. Do you have PR yet?  
    • arnord
      HI there,  I have moved to Toronto and started the new job, unfortunately my golf equipment was left behind in SA, does anyone knows how to ship golf equipment from SA to Toronto? Just a golf bag, one full set of golf clubs. Thanks
    • CandiceM
      Hi there I would appreciate any info... For those who submitted study permit applications from within South Africa. (Application for an adult with a family) How long after submission did you receive the request for biometrics? and what are your other milestones from date of submission? i.e. when did you receive the request for medicals, police clearance, the result of the application etc.? Thank you  
    • Jules
      So true. There’s a massive gap in culture and looking back I now realize just how “rough around the edges” I was when I first started working here 15 years ago. The FOB (fresh off the boat) person usually doesn’t fit in properly and it takes time to adapt. But some people do NOT adapt and keep on wanting to do things the way it was done back in SA - that new hire becomes a liability so the company eventually fires the person (what they term “let go”).    If I was hiring and I had 2 candidates and 1 was SAn: I would actually only hire the person if they were by far the strongest candidate because of the challenges of hiring a FOB employee. I’d much rather go with the home grown Canadian. Most employers think that way unfortunately. 
    • Oma
      Hi Ryan, We haven’t landed we r landing in May. I need to give adequate notice at my place of work hence the delay.  Sadly no feedback yet. However I did some research myself and found that qualifications need to be vetted by the equivalent of SAQA. I don’t know if you know about this. Anyway this is a link to the website https://cacb.ca. Apparently no province would register you as an “intern architect” the equivalent of “candidate architect in SA” without this. that’s all I know for now. If you have any information please share especially since you are landing early am sure you would know a lot more once on ground.  Have a nice day. Regards, Oma