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    • Ade
      Hello guys For those that have gone through work permit application process in SA, can you kindly confirm if Canada embassy in SA contact previous and current employers during the application processing.
    • Nyasha
      Thanks for sharing @CallMeIshmael, Seems several outcomes for April inland (Canada) applications have and are coming out around Aug/Sep according to the global Canada Visa forum.  Will consider GCMS notes on our 180 day mark.  All the best to you. 
    • Mynhardt
      Just an update of our experiences to far. 2 December 2018: AOR 10 September 2019:  Ready for visa email. 10 September 2019: Submitted passports to VFS Pretoria. We found the Kodak in Brooklyn mall to be familiar with the exact photo requirements for this (larger than normal photo + details of the photographer on the back of the photo). 19 September 2019: CIC emailed that our visa's have been affixed to our passports. 20 September 2019: Pickup passports from VFS Pretoria. VFS indicated that they would give updates via sms/email about the passport progress, but in fact they didn't send any updates. All information regarding the progress was directly from CIC via email and updates on our CIC profile. From start to end the process took 9.5 months. We are landing in Toronto on 30 September 2019. When we initially planned this process we assumed the 6 month processing estimate given by the CIC was accurate, but planned on it actually taking 8 months. So even with the 2 month margin of error built-in, we still had to stay with parents and live "funemployed" while doing some contract work for 1.5 months. In hindsight, we could have delayed the sale of our possessions, moving out of our house and resignation dates a bit. My advice would be to rather give the minimum notice period to your employer. If we delayed giving notice and only gave the minimum contractual notice, we would have not lost out on a month's annual increase and potentially performance bonuses. Given that it is a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks between receiving your golden email and your actual departure date (assuming you wait for your passports before booking your tickets), only giving notice once your PPR has been confirmed is probably wiser. Otherwise we are excited. This forum and everyone's experiences has been helpful with the process and in tempering our expectations.
    • Nelline
      Great post, @ReneLestan !  
    • Guest Kitches
      Hi. I’m also still waiting to get approval on the forum, can someone help please? Thanks in advance.