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    • Cathy K
      Have a look at this website. https://www.doctorsofbc.ca/
    • Kitcat
      Hi @Deidre, we have just gotten an excellent quote for one-way tickets to Calgary from Cape Town through the International Organization for Migration (IOM) - they're associated with the UN and assist people migrating with reduced airfares and extra baggage allowance. It's almost a 50% savings! If you want further details, you're welcome to contact me.
    • GuyRussy
      If you're in South Africa, I would apply through your local police station (but one that is known to be more efficient than others, haha they exist, but are a rarity).  My spouse and I paid roughly R140 per PCC application. Visa Logistics quoted roughly R2000 per PCC application. They also have a "rush" service, for another R1000 odd. It adds up quickly.  If you under some time constraint, and have the money, I would go with Visa Logistics. If not, through your local police station will save you a lot of money - and your PCCs will be ready for collection in +-3 weeks.
    • M-N
      It was a long time ago but yes, I think we needed to. I had mine certified while in SA but I believe you can ask your local MLA OR ask on your Facebook community page if there's someone local.  
    • M-N
      I'm in Calgary so CPS doesn't do fingerprints. We went to a finger printing place downtown. You should be able to use RCMP depending on where you are or a third party service that's authorized to do it.