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    • LidiaS77
      Here in Victoria you can get a bottle of wine for about $9 before tax (or as low as $3 for cooking wine). This is at Superstore, in liquor stores I think it's about $12 minimum.
    • Reibtseb
      What is expensive to you? Here in the Lower Mainland, cheap bottles are $14 to $20 before taxes. I don't know what it used to cost in SA, never drank wine there :D
    • MaryJane
      Welcome to the forums @SoapyBubbles For shipping, I personally used u-bag. I don’t think they were the cheapest but they worked for me since I only had a few boxes to send over (9). I know that you could also use extra baggage on an airplane. That may be cheaper depending on how much you are bringing and the size and weight. All the best for your journey.
    • SoapyBubbles
      Hi there.  I am from East London.  My family is planning to head to Canada in 2021.  We want to move to Calgary.  Anyone know any good ways to find jobs as a foreign national.   also, does anyone have advice on the cheapest way to ship a few boxes over (not sending a container).
    • PaulD
      Is it just me or is wine super expensive in Canada?? why is this, all the taxes? I have stopped drinking wine since relocating because of the expense, even when earning dollars.  Were we just spoilt in SA?