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  1. Boere Braai, Prince Albert

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  5. Saskatchewan marketing blitz -

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    • Nelline
      Welcome, Craig!
    • OutOfSa
      It's a very legit question - there are places to avoid ... Jane and Finch for one. Poor rail commutes? If you means dangerous - no, if you mean not at all/ not well serviced ? ¬†Yes, most of the GTA. ūüėā
    • CraigE
      Hi All, We have just made the decision to start the process for immigration, we currently reside in Germany (Cape Town back in SA) and we hoping to not have too many hiccups with the process due to not being at home for biometrics, police clearances etc and whatever else we may need. Looking for to scouring this forum for any information that may help us.
    • StuartW
      Hi Everyone, This site has been an incredible source of information! Its amazing! So my Wife and I are still in the PR process, from what I can gather we on the last stage of the application before they request our passports. So we not there yet, but I do have some question about Toronto (GTA) neighborhoods.  I found some great suggestions for areas to live in the GTA, but from the general consensus I have seen thus far, is really wait and see where you will find work and then decide on the area from there. This seems like solid advice, but even then there seems to be soo many options. So my question to help us narrow down faster when we land is: Which area's should we avoid even looking at? I know this may seem to be a bit of a South African Question.   Bonus Question: Are there any areas with poor rail commute options? 
    • Kitcat
      Thanks, I’ve been following the Jan/Feb group on the forum. Hope you guys hear something soon. It seems like processing has slowed down a bit this year compared to the last couple months of 2017.