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    • Alexander
      I'll have to peak to the college about that - it's also a good point. The practicum is only two weeks, I'll contact he school to find out. 
    • CharleneK
      Will you be able to complete your practicum on a tourist visa? Wouldn't you need a work or student visa for that?
    • Alexander
      Hi guys, thanks for the the responses and apologies for the late reply.  I have looked into all the PNP programs extensively, it doesn't seem likely I'll get an ITA any time soon. The next option is going over in December now that travel restrictions have lifted. I have a valid tourist visa for Canada, so I'm planning to go over on a tourist visa in December (pending restrictions), and complete my practicum for a Canadian teaching course I'm doing to certify me to teach in Ontario. I'm teaching online at the moment, so I'll continue to do that while I'm in Toronto. My questions are: If my PR comes through while I'm on a tourist visa in Toronto, is it possible for me to get PR while in Canada, or would I have to return to South Africa?  If I used the whole 6 months of my tourist visa, would I have to wait a full year before returning to Canada, or would it be til the end of 2021? Are you given 6 months per calendar year, or per year  from date of entry? If I got a job while on a tourist visa in Toronto, would it be possible to upgrade my tourist visa to a work permit visa while there? I'd heard that this might be a possibility. My girlfriend is currently in Toronto and will have PR by early next year. We're also thinking about the common-law sponsorship route, but I think this might be problematic as we'd only have lived together for a few months (although we've been together 4 years somehow via long distance) by the time that I'd apply for PR with her as my sponsor.  I'd also prefer not to put her in a situation where she had to sponsor me. If you have any other possible suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it. Am planning on moving to Toronto.               
    • Clay1204
      Thanks, it really has been costly and inconvenient. We hoping we can start our new chapter soon. We actually started the process in 2017 via the PNP Ontario, so it's been quite a long one.
    • Tarryn8
      @Clay1204 Oh my goodness 🙈 That is such an inconvenience and such an expense! Hoping your application will be complete soon and you can start the next part of this journey!