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    • Maple Dreams
      @GuyRussy I formatted my own resume and cover letter and decided to use Elite CV to fine tune it. Still waiting for it, they take about 2 weeks to finalise. They are fully aware of the Canadian formatting etc.  I am hoping to land before the winter season, also before the Black Friday sales😄 to buy all my winter clothing (I hear its the best time to purchase). So if you can land before that, its a good tip to take advantage of.    
    • GuyRussy
      @Maple Dreams haha thank you!  My GF and I are planning to land in Toronto in November (possibly checkout Montreal).  I'm also working on my resume at the moment, and applying for jobs too. You writing your resume yourself, and where are you planning to land/live?  Seems you might be able to settle in somewhat before the crazy winter months 😁
    • Cathy K
      Have a look at this website. https://www.doctorsofbc.ca/
    • Kitcat
      Hi @Deidre, we have just gotten an excellent quote for one-way tickets to Calgary from Cape Town through the International Organization for Migration (IOM) - they're associated with the UN and assist people migrating with reduced airfares and extra baggage allowance. It's almost a 50% savings! If you want further details, you're welcome to contact me.
    • GuyRussy
      If you're in South Africa, I would apply through your local police station (but one that is known to be more efficient than others, haha they exist, but are a rarity).  My spouse and I paid roughly R140 per PCC application. Visa Logistics quoted roughly R2000 per PCC application. They also have a "rush" service, for another R1000 odd. It adds up quickly.  If you under some time constraint, and have the money, I would go with Visa Logistics. If not, through your local police station will save you a lot of money - and your PCCs will be ready for collection in +-3 weeks.