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    • HoneyClare
      Hi Nykster, Our immigration journey started 5 years ago, and with Canada I would say I started in 2018. It takes perseverance and I think a bit of luck. I tried to look back I was in SNIP pool and got invited in February 2019, and then submitted and received the points in August 2019. Then its an obvious invite in the EE pool. SO the reason for Saskatchewan was from my research it was the easiest territory in that you didn't need a job offer or a relative. I obviously have neither. I am wracking my brain to think how many points I had, truly I can not remember. I will try log on and have a look. I remember there being different draws and that they favored particular professions for draws, some draws were for trades only.   I also remember getting extra points, by getting my husband to also get ilets done. Obviously I don't know what your profile is like. The draws do go up and down each time.    Let me get more information and I will get back to you.... We really all have to help each other to get there, our journey was affected by my sons remedial schooling and to have made it in was unbelievable, just keep trying ! (we were denied by Australia)   
    • Nykster
      Hi @HoneyClare or anyone else who can advise, So like you, I also have 425 points which are clearly not enough to qualify for EE. So I also want to go the PNP route. I have noticed that everyone seems to be going the Saskatchewan route so I decided to do an EOI. I ended up with 62 points (minimum is 60). I then checked the draws and saw that the cutoff is something like 78! So again I probably won't get a nomination. How on earth did you manage to rise above 78. I checked and double-checked my application and I don't see how it's possible for someone who didn't school or work in Canada to get above 62 points. Would you kindly help me with this conundrum and shed some light, thanks a lot! Also congrats on the 600 points, must have made your day!
    • Deirdre
    • Deirdre
      Hi @Jules The IRCC stated people CANT land now, then leave and come back as ALWAYS If PR land now it MUST be permanent Just 1 of the MANY frustrating Covid rules like us with PR that CANT fly now to activate We already left jobs, kids left school so just waiting
    • Jules
      I’m curious how they identify a soft landing unless the person states their intentions when they land. Once you leave the airport as a landed PR, the person could leave the country after the 2 weeks quarantine is complete. I doubt they would revoke the PR.