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Wood Buffalo Country, home of the Great Canadian Oil Sands

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    • Lizelle
      Work out what your EE points would be. If you have enough due to your qualifications, then great. If you do not, look at NZ.  Maybe look at going to NZ as a way to get into Canada later if your heart is set on Canada.
    • Boerbok
      We would like to apply for PR in Canada, but my work experience counts against me. I have a BEd and a MSc in a biological field. However, the last time I set foot inside a classroom to teach full-time was in 2009. I started my BSc in 2010, and finished my MSc last year and still haven't found a job (so no full-time employment experience). Would I be able to apply for PR, or what route should I take to immigrate?
    • Boerbok
      We are looking into moving to Alberta
    • MaryJane
      I’d agree with most comments that have been made here. Good schools in general. My experience with the public Catholic schools has been positive, especially the elementary ones. When we arrived, I had a kid in high school and one in elementary. My younger child struggled a bit to adjust and the school (teachers I’d say) went out of their way to help, encourage and get my child caught up with school level that she was on. I have no complaints about the high school either. My eldest adjusted well but only spent about a year and a half there before graduating. My youngest now is in the same high school. The school your child goes to depends on the catchment area of your house so sometimes there’s  not much of a choice where you initially take your child to. Having said that, once your child is in a particular school, and you decide to move to a different catchment area, you may be offered to have your child remain in his/her current school instead of transferring (happened to me twice).
    • MaryJane
      Above comment sounds correct. I believe that to be able to sponsor a family member, you need to show that you are able to support them in Canada. I know of a few cases personally where a couple got PR, activated and the wife went back to have the kid in SA. The wife did go through the sponsorship route for the baby, but her situation is different because her husband was already in Canada, getting settled. Mother and baby arrived a year later. @WanjadtI don’t believe you can add the twins to your application on activation as they will need to go through the PR process (for accompanying kids of applicant parents). You have been issued your PR visa, which means your application has been finalized. The easiest is to have them in Canada. But I do understand wanting assurance so close to giving birth and returning to SA to have the twins. Good luck and congratulations on the many wonderful news - visa and pregnancy!