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    • Reibtseb
      Also, IIRC 29 is the end of the last age bracket before your points start dropping... So I'd say go for it now.
    • milo23
      Yes, I understand the physical presence part.  Saskatchewan gives permanent residents 6 months to apply for local drivers licence. So they will have to do that within six months of activation.  And health care? Do you just not apply for provincial health insurance and use travel insurance until such time as you decide? If you’re not physically present in Saskatchewan/BC for 183 days a year you lose that?  Those are our two main concerns. 
    • CharleneK
      That still does not preclude them activating their PR when they visit in May. They don't have to settle in or even decide where to settle in right away. They can activate PR, simply visit one or the both of you, and return to SA. It would not even impact the residency requirement. To meet these residency obligations, you must be physically present in Canada for at least 730 days (2 years) in every 5-year period. This, even if they go back to SA for a full year after activating PR, they still need to spend only two of the next four years in Canada to maintain PR.
    • QB87
      Thank you so much for all the help! Much appreciated 😊
    • milo23
      Quite a complicated situation.  My brother and I live in different provinces. Not sure where they want to be and how they will split time up and obviously implications for health care etc.  And obviously their prerequisite number of days to maintain permanent residency will start counting.  As I said. We were all expecting this to take at least 2 years so quite surprised it has taken 14 months.