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    • HoneyClare
      @LouiseV36 and @Moga, your news is amazing, CONGRATS!  So promising seeing these yesses..... must be so scary and reassuring to finally know ..
    • Lolita16
      Congratulations Moga and all the best!!
    • Lolita16
      Waouu, congratulations LouiseV36:) you lost be relief ehhh... we have been waiting for this miracle and seeing that it came through for you give us some hope.  In my case, as per GCMS nite my application was finalized and approved since March. Vidal office changed to PTA, so I guess, it all depends now on the local office.   All the best!!
    • LouiseV36
      Loving your blow by blow.  All the best for the next draw.  Welcome to the rollercoaster that is going to be your life for the next few months. But it is worth it in the end when that golden e-mail comes through.  😀
    • JDP29
      Created our EE Profile last night, now in the pool with a CRS Score of 482, so hopefully part of the draw next week on the 28th. Will update this post with a full write up on this step in the next few days.