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  1. Calgary, AB

    The Energy Capital of Canada and home of the Calgary Stampede!

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  3. Edmonton, AB

    Administrative Capital of Alberta

  4. Fort McMurray, AB

    Wood Buffalo Country, home of the Great Canadian Oil Sands

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  6. 303
  7. Moncton, NB

    Hub City of the Maritimes!

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  9. Ottawa, ON

    Canada's Capital City

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  13. 1,597
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  15. Vancouver Island, BC

    Location of the REAL capital of BC!

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  17. Where We Are   (12,213 visits to this link)

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    • OHCANADAAA might do for furniture
    • Nickstar
      thank you!!!!  
    • MaryJane
      Welcome @Nickstar! It seems you are still quite early on in the process. Hope the rest of the journey is smooth sailing for you guys. Good luck!
    • Marv
      Hello. Looks like we are in the same situation. I am planning to land in Calgary around middle of May. I have done some research and also trying to follow some news. Having no accomodation is stressing me out a bit, but not as much as having no job yet.  Also, what I do is change the google region setting to Canada, which then helps find information easier. Good luck
    • pandaCat
      Not an expert but I can share my experience and maybe that is useful in some way. Was in Calgary for a week for activation of PR. Booked an apartment on that had a really good rating and was pretty cheap. They may also be on Airbnb. This was located in China town. This ended up being a pretty good call since it was right next to the Harry Hays building which is connected to the +15 (stretch of connected buildings in downtown ~19km I understand including some of the big office blocks and the core shopping center). Harry Hays is also where you need to get your SIN. I think anything close to a building on the +15 in downtown Calgary would be great. Something I only discovered later, there is a +15 app that helps out a lot! The CTrain would also be close, but you can travel by bus as well. Just use google maps, select the public transport tab and it will plan the best route for you be it train or bus and on foot. If you get stuck you can always just uber. My feeling was that everywhere is safe and clean, some areas just more desirable than others e.g. China town was great for us. But maybe wait on others as well as I have limited experience. Be patient upon landing, you will go through declaration, declare any food etc that they ask on the prompts (dont want to start on wrong foot). We took an uber to our apartment, this was worth the expense for that first trip. Watch youtube videos on the landing experience. Calgary is pretty relaxed compared to e.g. Toronto (almost no ques). Freedom mobile is a good choice for mobile operator, since they have wifi hotspots everywhere so you don't even use your data, plus if back in SA you can use WiFi calling to use your Canadian number, not all networks have this feature. We only did this later (@ core shopping center). Good luck.