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    • Alexander
      Hi all, My girlfriend is currently in Canada (has recently completed her Masters there and recently secured a full-time job and is currently working full-time in Canada). She's in the process of creating her EE profile as all her documentation is finally in order. After her first attempt her profile came back as ineligible. She's definitely eligible as she has a Canadian Masters degree and over 1 year of work experience in a relevant skill area. We're not sure why it's ineligible but assume it could be one of several things: - She has 2 different NOC codes for her work experience, and listed her current job as her main NOC for which she only has 1 month experience. Her previous NOC has 18 months worth of experience. They're both in a similar field. Is it necessary to make her primary NOC the one with 18 month's experience even though it isn't her current NOC? - She listed her Undergrad degree as well but did not select an ECA report document as she has a Canadian Masters. As she has a Canadian Masters she does not need an ECA. Should she just remove the Undergraduate degree from her profile and only include the Canadian Masters? - Her work situation is confusing as there is no relevant option for her on when creating her profile. She has applied for a pgwp (post-graduate work permit), which grants her implied status which allows her to work until receiving confirmation about her pgwp. For this reason she did not need to apply for an LMIA. She is currently working legally full-time in Canada. She selected that she has a job offer (there's no option for selecting currently working) and a valid work permit, but selected no to LMIA as she does not have this. I imagine this scenario is extremely common due to all the graduate students applying for PR on a pgwp while working legally in Canada after completing their studies. Can anyone advise what she should select when creating her profile? Searching the CIC website didn't yield any answers. Thanks! **side note - she got her full-time job after applying for her pgwp. She isn't sure on whether to submit her job offer letter stating her full-time to her pgwp application as she doesn't want to cause more delays (she's already been waiting almost 3 months). Anyone have any advice on this? Finally, we're scared to re-create the profile in case we make a mistake and it's ineligible again. Does it matter to have created multiple ineligible profiles or affect your chances of getting an ITA? She'll have over 480 points, but we'd rather be safe and submit it once more only correctly if this is a factor.  To finish: I'm sitting on 403 points and my profile has been in the pool since February  . My NOC is 4021 as an ESL teacher. I'm currently getting a teaching qualification which qualifies me to teach at LINC immigration centres and Peel school boards in the state of Ontario (costing me around $2000 CAD). I'm also in the process of getting my certification with TESL Ontario once my course has been completed (nearing the end). I'm hoping the Canadian qualification will increase my changes of getting a job, even though I'm still in South Africa. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might secure an English-teaching job in SA in order to get 50 additional points for my PR, or apply for a work permit?   Thanks for all your help!!
    • Jules
      Lots of taxes on wine which pushes the prices way up. 
    • LidiaS77
      Here in Victoria you can get a bottle of wine for about $9 before tax (or as low as $3 for cooking wine). This is at Superstore, in liquor stores I think it's about $12 minimum.
    • Reibtseb
      What is expensive to you? Here in the Lower Mainland, cheap bottles are $14 to $20 before taxes. I don't know what it used to cost in SA, never drank wine there :D
    • MaryJane
      Welcome to the forums @SoapyBubbles For shipping, I personally used u-bag. I don’t think they were the cheapest but they worked for me since I only had a few boxes to send over (9). I know that you could also use extra baggage on an airplane. That may be cheaper depending on how much you are bringing and the size and weight. All the best for your journey.