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    • CapieCanadian
      I've heard that the island has a very high rate of drug abuse and related deaths compared to the rest of BC and Canada. I also heard that there aren't as many opportunities for young children on the island as one would have on the mainland. I mean sure, the island is smaller and doesn't have big cities like Vancouver but do any of you with small children share this sentiment? Obviously moving so the children can have the best future was the reason for immigrating in the first place.
    • Nykster
      Thanks so much @HoneyClare!
    • Jules
      Interesting... I suppose the reality is that they still cannot stop the PR from leaving Canada a couple of weeks later after quarantine is complete. Having said that I would not be encouraging anyone to try and circumvent the guidance that has been published.    It’s a tough one for sure.  
    • Kitcat
      We used cloverleaf driving school - based in the SW. my husband and I both passed first time. Try to have your lessons in the area in which you will be taking the test. It helps to be familiar with the routes.
    • HoneyClare
      Hi Nykster, Our immigration journey started 5 years ago, and with Canada I would say I started in 2018. It takes perseverance and I think a bit of luck. I tried to look back I was in SNIP pool and got invited in February 2019, and then submitted and received the points in August 2019. Then its an obvious invite in the EE pool. SO the reason for Saskatchewan was from my research it was the easiest territory in that you didn't need a job offer or a relative. I obviously have neither. I am wracking my brain to think how many points I had, truly I can not remember. I will try log on and have a look. I remember there being different draws and that they favored particular professions for draws, some draws were for trades only.   I also remember getting extra points, by getting my husband to also get ilets done. Obviously I don't know what your profile is like. The draws do go up and down each time.    Let me get more information and I will get back to you.... We really all have to help each other to get there, our journey was affected by my sons remedial schooling and to have made it in was unbelievable, just keep trying ! (we were denied by Australia)