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    • MaryJane
      Please bear with me as I haven't done this for a long time and my memory is hazy but.... At your end, I'm almost sure you can extend your SA temporary resident visa for up to a year, if I'm not mistaken. You will need to apply for extension 60 days prior to expiry. Just can't remember if this is one application to extend to a year or will you be given 3 months at a time, up to a max of one year. I know that definitely after 1 year (or another specified timeframe), you will have to leave or apply for another status. Don't know much about retirement visas so I'll leave that topic. Please note that regulations may have changed surrounding visas and may be best to just do a follow up check on the SA Home Affairs or SA Consulate websites.  
    • MaryJane
      Sorry to hear this, OOSA. My 1st mortgage rate was arranged through a broker and we had a sorta okay experience. It was someone working for the bank, my current lender. I thought it was a good rate that I got, even though there were no long-term relationship or anything like that. He was recommended by my agent and I really had no issues, just thought I could use another broker who could look at other rates. My lender has contacted me about a rate, but it's a little higher than where I am now (only by 0.2%) Anyway, I've got a few more months to go before the decision so just kinda looking around. I'm tempted to renew since I have a very good relationship with the bank, but I'll wait when it's closer so I get to keep my low (er) rates for now. On the subject of the credit bureau black mark, have you tried ordering a free credit report to see what the black mark is? if so, I'm almost sure you can dispute whatever this black mark is, especially now that you have a letter proving they admitted there was an error in their system that caused the mark in the first place. You can order one from Equifax and one from Transunion (2 of the biggest credit bureau reporting agencies and see what they have on you) and if the letter is not enough, ask them what they need to get the smear off.
    • MaryJane
      NB: I'm not an Express Entry applicant so take my response with some pinch of salt 🙂 1. I included mine on job history.
      2. Do not know so will leave this for someone else, but I would think this only applied to *mandatory* ones.
      3. I included all immediate family members - siblings, parents, kids, spouse
      5. For PO Box, it may be "PO Box 1234 Example Park 8976 South Africa" ?? The special character "," may be throwing it off?
      5. For address filling, I think it should read: Apartment/Unit number: Unit 123
      Street number: (you should have a street number accompanying your street name) ###
      Street name: Koonap Street
      Street address/name line 2: La Belle Vie complex (or this could be where you put Fourways)
      City: Fourways (or this could be where you put Johannesburg)
      Country: South Africa
      Region: Gauteng The norm in SA is that you need to identify the complex name or else the post office may not know where to go. In Canada (Mississauga anyway), our complex addresses look like so:  123-789 Koonap St (this would be unit 123 on 789 Koonap St. I don't normally see the complex name.) 6. I don't have experience in this as I've only had one profession.
    • QB87
      Screenshot of address fields in online application. This will help explain my dilemma in point 5.
    • QB87
      Hi, I've received an ITA and I'm now filling in the online application. I've heard that Canada is very strict on the application forms and I don't want to mess it up. (I am the primary candidate and sponsoring my common-law partner). I've got a couple of questions and listed them in a numbered list below: My partner is an accountant and she completed her articles. Should we put the 3 years she articled as education or under the job history section as employed? I've read that you should not leave any input box (required and optional) blank, rather mark it as NA or N/A. Is this true? In the Personal Details section there is a Family section. Please see marked in red below. Should I list my family members here even if they are not coming with to Canada? My family is alive and well but they don't depend on me.  Should I list my partner here if I am sponsoring her? In the Contact Details section, I'm not sure how to populate the PoBox and Address fields. There are two addresses to fill in here. PoBox and Street Address. 1.       How do I complete the PoBox if it only consists of one input field?  If I fill it in like "PoBox 1234 Example Park, 8976" it complains about the format. 2.       How do I complete the address section? For example, I live in a complex and my example address is shown below. How should I enter this address into the input fields in the online application as the online form does not have place to add the complex name? 123 La Belle Vie, Koonap Street, Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2845 In the Job History section they are asking for the Primary Occupation, is the Primary Occupation your current job? For the question “Date XXXXX first became qualified to practice in this occupation” is this when you obtained your degree or when you started the Primary Occupation?