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    • LouiseV36
      Hi there.   I ordered notes and received them yesterday.  I am just curious and wanted to see what was done.  Eligibility was met, Criminality and medicals passed.  Info sharing was in progress and security was not yet started.  The notes were pulled on the 30 January 2020.  Going to order again at the 5 month mark.  
    • HoneyClare
      @LouiseV36, how did you manage to get feedback? We are 151 past AOR, and nothing has changes on our profile since October, would love to find out what is going on, even though there is short to go! The time counting down is starting to make me more anxious dont know about you? 
    • LouiseV36
      So update from my side. Found out that our file is now with the Pretoria office.  Don't know whether to laugh or cry.  It seems like they process applications really slowly.  We met eligibility on the 30th December which is probably why we were requested to pay the RPRF. So the wait continues.  Today we are 99 days past AOR.   Hope everyone else is hanging in there.
    • fry
      Hi all, We are moving to Kelowna / Vernon in May. We activated and received our PR cards over December. While closing up things here in SA we are trying to plan accommodation for Canada and are surprised by rental prices (a little of a reality check...). I hope this forum will be able to confirm some of my suspicions. What is the average rental for a 4 person house (kids are 2 and 4)? The price seems to be between 2500 CAD- 3500 CAD? (assuming we want to move to a "good" area and not stay in a mobile home) This was more expensive than we realized. How hard is it to find rentals that allow large pets? They seem to exist, but most want small dogs or cats only. Most rentals seem to want you to sign for 1 year, we are not seeing that many offering 3-4 months, is this the norm. Our plans have previously been the following Rent an AirBnB for the first few weeks (so we can find a nice rental and be present to see it) Rent a short term (4 month) furnished rental (while we wait for our goods to ship and determine our best place to live) Rent a long term (1 year) unfurnished rental Buy (if we can afford and it make sense) Has anyone had success with the above plan, I would love to hear your thoughts. We are happy to adjust them to fit the Canadian norms. Though we do not want to live in an unfurnished house without our stuff, and does it make sense to store it for 9 months till the lease runs out? Thanks.
    • PhilipCX
      If I recall correctly it is against the law. And trust me, the way South Africans drive, I wouldn't take that risk anyways. When are you guys landing, I might be able to help you out for those 2 weeks with a seat?