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    • Oma
      Hi all, I am new here and would like some guidance. We(My Husband, son and I) have received our PPR and submitted our passport at the Canadian Embassy awaiting CoPR. Any architect who can share their job hunt experience, I would like to learn a few tips that can help.  Thanks so much 
    • LidiaS77
      Hi MRH, Yes, we still file zero-returns with SARS every year. We've been living in Canada for almost 3 years. As far as I know you need to do this, unless you've immigrated financially. We only pay tax in Canada though. According to the double taxation treaty between South Africa and Canada we are regarded as Canadian residents for tax purposes and the type of income that we earn (salary) mean that we pay tax in Canada only. Other types of income might have other rules on where you pay tax or how tax is divided between the two countries e.g. royalties, income from property located in SA etc. so it's important to find out which rules would apply to you. Also keep in mind that the double tax treaty between South Africa and Canada take precedence over either country's domestic laws and being a "resident for tax purposes" is completely separate from being a "permanent resident" or "citizen" of a country. Here is some more discussions about this: http://www.sacanada.org/topic/22381-south-african-expat-tax-law/ http://www.sacanada.org/topic/22380-do-i-need-to-unfriend-sa-re-taxes/
    • MRH
      Me again.. I am looking for advice on the steps to take when closing down our small business here in SA amid our move to Canada. We are VAT registered with SARS and others like Workmen's Compensation. Have any of you had to do this? I would really really appreciate any advice and would like to chat with you about specifics.   Thank you kindly
    • MRH
      Hi guys   I would like to know if any of you already  living in Canada still pay SARS taxes or even submit an annual income tax return to SARS annually (even if it is a zero-return)?       Thanks
    • DJNdV
      This is probably too late for the OP, but in case anyone comes across this posting in future, WES does accept faxed copies of the certificate Same happened to us and found the info on their website stating that it can be faxed. We did this and the status changed within a day or two.