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    • Hilmarie
      I am unsure as to how I should complete the "complete/full academic years" field for the degrees listed below. In general, does this question ask for the number of years one was enrolled in a particular program or for the official length of the program? (1) I have a masters in mathematical statistics which I believe is officially a 2 year degree, however,  I completed the degree over the span of 5 years. The first year was full time course work and thereafter it was dissertation work only. WES has confirmed that this degree is the equivalent of a Canadian masters degree. (2) I have a mphil in mathematical finance which I completed over a period of 18 months. The first 12 months was full time course work and thereafter it was dissertation work only. WES has confirmed that this degree is the equivalent of a Canadian masters degree. (3) My husband received his BComm in 2013 but was enrolled in the program in 2004-2006 and then again in 2011-2012. WES has confirmed that this degree is the equivalent of a Canadian Bachelors degree (three years). Has anyone been in the same position and had a successful PR application?
    • poorguy
      I can help you with the last 2 bullet points: You may use more than 1 NOC however to get maximum points ensure that you have at least 3 or more years experience in at least one of the NOCs. This experience also needs to have happened in the last 10 years Your primary NOC which you are applying with doesn't have to be in the latest NOC as far as I remember - the only thing they check is whether you have the experience in the last 10 years (please research this further as I am typing from memory)
    • NW18
      I feel relaxed reading the above. I have a son who turns 3 in December. He is able to read all alphabets and numbers up to 20. Introduced him to play based learning. He was a a private daycare in Durban but often fell sick. Currently I work from home so I take care of him and try my best to spend time and teach him what he would learn at daycare for his age group. Youtube, blogs etc. and the more you read the more pressurized you feel. I guess we all want to see our children do their best but I guess we as parents need to realize that at this tender age they should be getting exposure to behavioral and social skills as the rest will be taught in school with time. I am sure that behavior and social interaction will blossom at school but its good to teach them good exposure to those earlier! @Marcola you shouldn't pay heed to what your child care giver said to you. There is time for all of that!
    • MaryJane
      I suspect that what you use on your EE profile may ultimately be what is printed on your first Canadian document (and thereafter every Canadian document). In this case, if it was me, I will use the é (my personal choice). I don’t believe there will be a major issue with regards IELTS and WES. I think you can confidently prove that é and e are one and the same person, if need be.
    • MaryJane
      I Googled the terms you have quoted and found that according to CIC, this has more to do with indetifying surnames and given names, and if the names have special uppercase letters in the middle. They just want to ensure that the name is noted correctly. Taking the CIC’s examples here: - that if the name is Andrew MacDonald, it is noted as such and doesn’t become Andrew Macdonald. - that if the surname is Normann and the given name is Kari, that it does not become Normann Kari. The first identifier for the applicant is the surname, Normann. The second identifier is Kari, the given name. There are some other situations, which you can read on the link. See if any applies. So to answer, if you have none of the situations referred to by CIC, I’d say fill your name out as you normally would, using proper capitalization rules (first letter of the name is capital and the rest is lower case). Hope this helps somewhat. PS, I found this question quite amusing and informative. My name is MaryJane so I’d like to see it in that order and not Maryjane. I kinda get it.