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    • SoapyBubbles
      Hi there.  I am from East London.  My family is planning to head to Canada in 2021.  We want to move to Calgary.  Anyone know any good ways to find jobs as a foreign national.   also, does anyone have advice on the cheapest way to ship a few boxes over (not sending a container).
    • PaulD
      Is it just me or is wine super expensive in Canada?? why is this, all the taxes? I have stopped drinking wine since relocating because of the expense, even when earning dollars.  Were we just spoilt in SA?
    • HoneyClare
      @Rfed it was so long ago cant remember the noc code, I had two I am a social worker, and in management, it only took two months at the time to get SNIP, once we were in the pool. That was a year ago already!    When you get the extra 600 points its an incredible moment.    We applied to Australia before Canada and it was way more expensive, Canada is very affordable 
    • Deirdre
      Thanks so much @LouiseV36 - doing all this tomorrow
    • LouiseV36
      I am in Durban and had to courier to PTA.  We used Postnet and sent it overnight (on a Thursady).  It got there Friday morning. We had to pay the one way courier package (R207.40) for each passport.  I did an EFT for each one and used passport numbers as reference.  Also we had to pay one package transmission because my youngest did not do biometrics. I put all the POP's in the envelope as well as the necessary consent forms for VFS so that the passports could be couriered back.  I have attached the consents. Shout if you need anymore help. null (1).pdf