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    • Nelline
      @Mynhardt Your point 2 - when animals are booked on the same flight you can book them as "excess luggage" (instead of freight) and this makes a big difference to the cost. We did this when flying (also via KLM) from the UK to Canada.
    • Mynhardt
      We recently arranged for our cat to be sent over from Durban > Johannesburg > Amsterdam > Toronto. Due to our circumstances this all occurred approximately 2.5 weeks after we already landed in Toronto. We made used of PETport to help with arranging the necessary transport, flights, lodging, pet carriers and final vet checks. Overall the service was adequate and everything went smoothly. In total it cost roughly R20k from start to finish for 1 small cat. Comparing it to ReneLestan's experience I guess the difference in cost came down to a few elements: The pet travel was arranged approx 4 weeks prior to departure which might have resulted in higher ticket prices. PETport requires at least 21 days notice to arrange everything. We weren't booked on the same flight. Maybe there are some discounts that gets applied if your pet flies on the same flight as yourself? Everything had to be done remotely, so this is where PETport took their cut for the service they provided We had to pickup our cat at the Vista cargo terminal of Toronto Pearson international airport. I made the mistake and thought everything would be roughly within walking distance from the public transport. It is not! I would highly recommend arranging a car when picking anything up from the cargo terminals. The cargo terminals can be up to 3km away from the nearest public transport. Depending on the time of day the closest open customs office, at which you need to pay the duties for your cargo, might be on the other side of the airport (again a 3km drive from the cargo terminal). Using uber/lift for these trips aren't easy either, because the apps restricts you to setting the pickup/dropoff points as one of the normal passenger terminals. Otherwise even with the high costs and frustrations at the end, it is worth it
    • Felicity
      Welcome to Canada Kitcat!!  Reading your post brought back many memories!  We've been here for 5 years now and I love it!  My husband came ahead of us (by 5 months) and I followed with our 6 children.  It was crazy but we did it!  We've adapted to life here and have come to love four distinct seasons, Christmas in winter, Thanksgiving and long summer holidays! I hope you enjoy settling in.  Enjoy the newness of everything - in a short while it will all be 'normal' to you, which is great too, but I really enjoyed taking everything in when we first arrived.  
    • Nyasha
      Hi All, For completion, wanted to update our timeline above. We received COPR on 9 October 2019 (just 4 days shy of the 6 month mark)! Our updated timeline is below: AOR - 13 April 2019 Review of eligibility - 1 Oct 2019 Review of additional docs - N/A Interview - N/A Biometrics - Competed 12 June 2019 Background Check - Completed 1 Oct 2019 Final Decision - Application approved on 9 Oct 2019 We did not reach out or communicate with IRCC in any form or means for progress of the application at any stage. However, after a long "silence" after completion of biometrics, we considered calling IRCC on 1 October 2019 (5.5 months post AOR). Before making the call, we decided to double-check our application details of IRCC website - this is when we noticed that the status update under the heading "Background check" had changed to "We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information". On 2 Oct at around 2pm, we received the "golden email" from High Commission of Canada in Pretoria requesting that we submit our passports for finalisation. We submitted our passports at VFS Global Cape Town as requested on 3 Oct.  On 9 October, we checked our profile and saw the notification that our application had been approved. On 10 October, we received email notifications from IRCC to check our profile for status of application for a message. The status and message communicate approval of the application. On 11 Oct, we received notification from VFS that our passports were ready for collection. We collected our passports from VFS on 17 Oct 2019 - visas were affixed and COPR forms included. We thank God for His grace on this.  We wish everyone going through this process the best.    
    • Gary van der Westhuizen
      So this isn't really what this topic was about, but yes, the insurance is crazy. We went with a broker that took all of our SA driving into account, which made a HUGE difference. PM me if you are interested in his details. The area also made a huge difference, as soon as we moved out of the city our premium dropped significantly. RTMC letter is also critical.