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    • Myusuf
      Hi anybody did a c11 work permit or is in the process of one , its a business immigration stream Please let me know work permit timelines
    • MaryJane
      Hi @Alexander I don't know much about study permit applications, not having gone through one myself, but I'll take a whack at some of your questions: 1. anything related to processes in SA at the moment, I have no clue. The pandemic has really thrown timeframes around. I'd leave these questions for the others. 2. With the medical exam, if you have not been selected for PR, am sure you'd need to have a new one done (if you are drawn from this point onward). Having said this, you don't really need to do one right at this moment and can do it at a later stage or when you get selected. It's just one less thing to think about if you do have this when you submit your application. If you're using the medical for the study permit application, then yes, I believe you'd need a new one. (because it sounds like you just missed the cut-off of validity here). 3. I don't believe so. I'm not sure there's a connection unless you noted down on your study application your EE profile number? (pardon my ignorance) 4. Never heard of the bank converting the statement to CAD. I would've thought you get the statement from the bank and then you yourself do the conversion. 5. Yep, the waiting and cutting it close is name of the game. I can't answer about the submitting the application in bits and pieces, but I personally don't think it's a good idea because those are likely mandatory requirements in the application. It is different if you've submitted already and are just changing details (i.e. new passport details, new bank balances, etc.) Hopefully someone having done this more recently comes along. Good luck with your application! Sounds like it's going to be an adventure.
    • Marcola
      Hi everyone Are grandparents/parents allowed to travel from SA to visit us? We have PR and from what I read recently, immediate family members (parents, grandparents) are allowed to visit. We would need to provide some documentation as proof of relationship, PR etc. They would need to do COVID testing before and after landing and would need to stay in a quarantine hotel.  Second question: Which airlines/airports (for transit) are allowing South Africans to travel right now? Thanks M
    • Cathleen
      Hello. Just letting all know that this positing, Shipper/Receiver and CNC Operator, will be removed on Tuesday evening. I do hope that someone who likes to be kept busy, who likes a challenge will come by the shop with a resume. I will train you without experience if you are for sure interested. Thank you
    • Alexander
      Hi all, I've posted several times on here over the past couple of years, with questions related to PR which has proven to be a dead-end for me. I recently applied for a 1-year MA program in Toronto, and am thrilled to have received news this week that I've been accepted into the program! I have a few questions regarding the application process which I was hoping some of you in the community here might be able to answer (even if it's just one or two of them): - Are recent police clearance certificates required for a study permit application? (I have one which was issued in early 2020). If I need a more recent one, do you know how long police clearance certificates are currently taking to process? - I completed an upfront Medical examination in March 2020, as I was hoping to receive a nomination for PR (which never happened). Due to COVID, would this medical exam be accepted even if it is just older than 1 year? Or would I need to complete a new upfront medical examination? - I currently have an active profile for PR on the immigration website, which I recently renewed after the first profile expired in February. Do you know if this could be a problem in terms of my Study Permit application? Should I withdraw my PR profile? - In terms of proof of funds I went through a document checklist stating I need proof of funds for 3-6 months showing I'm able to support myself during my studies. Is it possible to submit my bank statements from Capitec with a digital stamp in ZAR, or do I need to go to the bank and somehow try and ask them to convert the statement to CAD?  For the first 3 months in the past 6 months my funds were quite a lot lower than the requirement. In the following 3 months they have been significantly above the requirement. If the average amount of funds over the entire 6 month period is higher than the minimum requirement, is this acceptable? - The website indicates a processing time of 19 weeks, which would mean I'd receive my Study Permit in late August if I applied next week with all the documentation. My MA program begins in September 2021, and this is cutting it very fine. I may be able to start studying remotely from SA however due to remote learning and COVID. Do you know if it is possible to submit my Study Permit application while waiting for my Police Clearance and Upfront Medical to be processed? Thanks so much in advance for your help!