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    • Theron
      I actually had the same question. As far as I know @Nelline is correct. From what I could find is that one's medicals are valid for 12 months from date of issue after which it will expire. We entered the pool today (03/24) and our medicals for WP was done August 2018. We sufficient points to hopefully make it in the next round scheduled for April 3rd and then the long wait starts. I don't think our medicals will still be valid by the time the applications are processed (and hopefully approved) so it's a waiting game to see what happens. Good luck!
    • Lizelle
      I agree with Jules.  Accept the job offer, and work it out from there.  There may not be positions available for your husband right now, but there is a serious need for GPs everywhere, so it would be a temporary situation.   It it definitely not ideal family wise, but Skype and Facetime is amazing to help you through   
    • Jules
      Thanks for sharing so much info. I’m a firm believer that when a door opens in life then it’s safe to assume it opened for a reason. I would take the job offer and figure the rest out as you go along.  Its that simple. We tend to overthink too many things and we complicate uncomplicated opportunities. You have a job offer in Canada - take it.  🙂
    • Jossy
      Hi all. Very long time lurker here.  I hope to give you some background info without disclosing too much personal info.  I am however, hoping to get some thoughts and outside perspectives on our situation.  As I have mentioned, I have been lurking for sometime and know that members on this forum are particularly knowledgeable and insightful,so here goes!   Hubby and I are now in our early forties (perhaps relevant info as to how this may influence our EE score and your subsequent advice).  We lived in Canada from 2000-2003 just after graduating - hubby is a medical doctor (GP/Family physician) and I am a psychologist (licensed clinical here in SA) but worked (having undergone supervision as required, some additional course work etc) as a school psychologist in Manitoba.  Hubby completed his qualifying exam and his LMCC 1 before we decided to come back to SA.  Looking back we can't quite remember whose decision it was primarily to come back - I recall it being made over a bottle of wine though LOL!  We were in a very rural but lovely, Northern community, newlyweds, isolated, homesick and primarily looking back - just perhaps didn't have the emotional maturity at the time to successfully navigate all of these aspects.  That being said, we have had a great personal and professional life here in SA and now have two happy and well-adjusted kids (11 and just turned 7).  Ironically, we both agree that if it were not for being in a good space presently, we would not be contemplating returning - if that makes sense, as we know first hand how challenging it can be - especially with 2 kids in tow this time! Apologies for the novel - but some more info regarding our present situation may be helpful in any input or advice you might be able to provide.  Our experience in Canada has always remained close to our hearts and we had kept in contact with colleagues in the community over the years.  I have always had close contact with a number of my colleagues after all this time and consider some of them friends.  Fast forward to feeling restless, in need of adventure and the initial turmoil of the Fees Must Fall campaign here in 2017...and the community in Manitoba still struggling to meet the need for doctors.  Hubby was granted 12 months temporary registration again to practice medicine and take the LMCC 2 exam in order to obtain permanent registration.  A positive LMIA was obtained for Hubby and subsequently TRV's for all of us - an open work permit for me and study permits for the kids that will expire in 2022.  However, we had an exceptionally long wait on the visas - at the time the waiting period had gone from 8-12 weeks to over 20 weeks for a number of reasons.  In this time, the town/area having recently been included in the Northern recruitment program for physicians managed to secure the services of a number of new graduates which has been wonderful for the community.  However, this meant that our idea of spending most of the first year doing locum work in Canada periodically and taking the LMCC 2 was impacted.  We spent about 4 weeks back in Canada in Dec/Jan 2017/2018.  Both hubby and I worked in our previous capacities.  Faced with another judgement call as luck would have it - we decided (on agreement with the relevant health authority) to spend more time In SA and have hubby take the LMCC 2 before coming over permanently.  Hubby enrolled in the LMCC 2 and took the exam in October 2018, but did not achieve a passing score.  I have been back last year for about another 4 weeks to do some work for the school division due to high needs in the community.  So to summarize, presently we all have TRVs but are in SA and hubby will need to reapply for registration if he chooses.  However, when he was in Canada in October for the exam he visited with some very close, old university friends who had remained there when we came back, who are in practices in Alberta with a need for more physicians.  We are waiting to hear back from CPSA as to his registration eligibility, as am I with my Alberta licensing body.  Just recently however, a permanent position has become available for me in the school division that I have previously worked and they need to know ASAP as to whether I would be interested or if they should recruit and advertise the position, though hubby won't be able to work immediately again it seems.  So the ultimate question that I am posing to internet strangers is the following: do I go over and work and earn dollars, credit rating etc with our kids and submit our PR application from Canada? Any pros or cons that come to mind? Obviously, the emotional impact of being separated as a family for some time is on the foreground for us.  Any practical or legal pros or cons that you could point out that might guide our decision? Thoughts on whether our unusual TRV situation would count against us longer term? Wait out PR application in SA and potential re-registration for both of us in another province? Hubby and I both have further post grad qualifications that we would need to have assessed anyway for PR points - so still some paperwork in the pipeline either way.   If you have made it this far - thank you for reading. Hoping seasoned vets and physicians with advice may be able to give some input!
    • CallMeIshmael
      Thanks @Amy G