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    • Jules
      I think it’s only the owner of the website Hendie who does the approvals. I have no idea how often he does that. 
    • Guest David Campbell
      Hi everyone, How long will it take to be approved on this forum? I register three days again and am looking to for help?   Thanks,  
    • Flyfish
      Hi Roxanne We have just done our landing and are now officially permanent residents of Canada.  Our story started in 2016 when we decided to put all our efforts in to getting to Canada. I was luckily with a company with international links and started asking connections on LinkedIn if there were any positions in Canada available. There was, and after a really hard process of doing everything ourselves we got a work permit. We landed in Canada on the 25th of December 2017. It was minus 35 and dark, but we had such a sense of relief that is quite indescribable. We had several run ins with undesirables in SA and we also still sometimes are over cautious, but the sense of freedom in Canada is almost unbelievable. My 8 year old daughter has really blossomed and come out of her shell with this freedom. After a year here we got an expression of interest from Ontario and got the nomination in November of 2018, ITA and AOR in the same month. After exactly 6 months our application got approved and we "landed" on Sunday. I do not really want to look at the costs involved, but due to our path it is closer to the R60000-80000 range, but it is by far the best thing we could have done as a family. We have been blessed to have met some great people who have made settling in quite easy and we look forward to becoming Citizens next. The opportunities in Canada are awesome and once you have proven yourself, you can earn a good salary and have a great life. We live quite close to Lake Ontario and on Canada Day last year we went down to Bronte Harbour and watched the fireworks, but the important thing is that we walked there and at midnight walked home without feeling terrified. This was something we would not have dreamed of doing the year before. It was not easy to do and we did it all ourselves, but it is the greatest privilege to be here. Good luck and all the best.
    • Jules
      Other biological parent needs to agree to them emigrating permanently.  I have a step daughter. 17 years ago when we applied I just wrote out an affidavit statement which the father signed and we included that with the application. I think he had to sign an additional from from the Canadian immigration department.  Back then I don’t recall extra travel documents but these days kids need paperwork to travel each trip regardless of residency. Not a problem to get a form signed each trip unless there bad blood between the biological parents. 
    • M-N
      I agree with @Nelline.  Babies and your safety comes first.  Do what you think is necessary.  Good luck with everything and the rest of the pregnancy.