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    • Lizelle
      Pfft, there's nothing to it, especially if you did the PR stuff yourself.  Don't bother paying an agent for that.
    • PaulD
      Is it worth getting an immigration agency to do application for Canadian citizenship. I did tons of paperwork to get a provincial nomination and then for PR, I would prefer an easier time with this. But I wonder if you still end up doing as much and paying as well!
    • Mykhell
      Hello and good morning, May I ask 1) where you uploaded your PCC on the online application website (for you and your spouse)? 2) where you uploaded the checklist documents (both the general (IMM5488) and the specific one for SA (IMM5925)?  3) whether your spouse also needed to submit the checklist documents since they are also applying for an open work permit (I suppose)? Thanks in anticipation.
    • ThePenguin
      I actually googled PNP and AIPP; got the answers pretty much up front. The provinces got me though... 😅 Got some sketchy results googling that...   I've checked out how PNP works and it seems too simple.  I mean like its down to applying and not much else I can do. For Alberta's PNP (AINP in their case), I only qualify for express entry, and I haven't done IELTS yet (Got to wait until Oct. soonest in Port Elizabeth). Apparently my college certifications aren't worth much either as the courses weren't at least 3 years long lol.  So my score looks pretty horrid. I only have my marital status, age, and good looks going for me...  So at this point, it seems simply being in contact with recruiting agencies in Canada and baiting for a work permit seems to be my route. Maybe see if I can apply for a bursary and go study something... Either way, you guys made my way pretty clear:  1)  Keep applying for jobs and pray for sponsorship,  2)  Do IELTS ASAP so I can get my score up.   Thank you all for the support 🌹 I didn't expect this much hospitality and help.    I sincerely bid you a beautiful Wednesday evening (morning if you're in CA). The Penguin
    • Sparky6
      PNP Provincial Nomination , when a province is interested in what you have to offer and ‘sponsors’ you 600 point for express entry which kind of guarantee that you’ll at least get an invite. AIPP,  Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, as Neline explained, employers proves you are the best person for the job and you get invited to apply on those grounds. NS, PEI, NB, NL lol... the Atlantic Provinces, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Newfoundland (and Labrador) .