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    • FamilyGuy
      @Deirdre thanks for the suggestion. I did a search before posting, 30 min cursory check to see if anyone asked something similar before. Let me roll up my sleeves and dig a bit deeper  
    • Deirdre
      Hi @FamilyGuy I have asked alot of questions on here with no reply Type SINP in the search engine on this website - there are loads of SINP post and tag members directly that completed SINP  
    • Deirdre
      Hi @Godwin   Some flight info I scrolled across on FB
    • FamilyGuy
      From the lack of response I'm assuming this is an edge case not many have had to find a solution for. I've posted similar on a Facebook group specifically dealing with SINP and also didn't get any answers there. So for SINP EOI we have decided to just claim for the 8 years for now and look to getting a job offer to bolster points. For the EE application case would still appreciate some insight regarding whether we need to specify and prove employment which is further in the past than the previous 3 years? How far back do you actually need to go?
    • Deirdre
      Hi @anxiety Just info on expired PR's