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  2. Washing parkas

    when it gets dirty. Maybe twice a winter
  3. Washing parkas

    How often do you wash your parka? Is a quick once a week light machine wash too much?
  4. UNISA LLB Degree accreditation by NCA

    Thanks for the feedback! Sounds like we are all going to re-do our degrees! :-(

    Congrats @Luis Dos Santos!!
  6. PR Card Pics

    Mine was done at the Kodak in Sandton city - they knew exactly what to do. The guy even knows the difference for the photos that need to go in express entry profile vs the photos that need to be on the CPR form
  7. Medical Exam

    Thank you!
  8. Assessment of Technical College of SA & Damelin

    This is really good advice. We did our application ourselves and I must say it really wasn’t rocket science. Furthermore it’s worth saving the money in my opinion.
  9. Medical Exam


    We left because of our kids and I'm glad we did. I feel bad for people who would like to leave SA, but don't have the option of emigration.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Assessment of Technical College of SA & Damelin

    Volunteer work in Canada, counts towards Canadian experience. I believe you will need to have a Canadian work permit, to work remotely for a Canadian company, but I am unfortunately not well versed on the subject. To get such a job, they will probably want qualifications in that field, because the Canadians are very big on qualifications. Doing work for a charity organization, is like working for any other company. In my own experience, you need to submit your resume and go through the whole application process, such as an interview, background check (if applicable), etc.
  13. PR Card Pics

    Hi @Spacefrog We did our photos at the Kodak Express shop in The Grove Mall in Pretoria. They were incredibly helpful and friendly and we didn't have any problems.
  14. PR Card Pics

    Hello everyone, We just got a letter stating that the photos we submitted for our PR Cards do not meet the specifications, I can only imagine the resolution was a problem because I measured them myself. We have to resubmit new photos within 30 days. Can anyone recommend a place in JHB or PTA where we can have these done? We previously had them done at Foto First, but that obviously flopped ... We want to have it it done and couriered ASAP. Sometimes lady luck is really on your side .... I was going to resign tom because I new our PR cards would be ready very soon (6 weeks since our landing) and really wanted to relax on our vacation 😬 Lesson learnt! Thanks
  15. Entrepreneur work permit

    For an investor or entrepreneur visa you need to have a net worth of $ 1 600 000 and be able to invest $800 000 in Canada. Possible but not for everybody.
  16. Entrepreneur work permit

    I would also think that you would not be able to do general employment with that visa. As far as I can tell you will have to buy/start a business here for that visa to work (one of the requirements are that you provide jobs for Canadians) If you are not dead set on Canada, I would suggest having a look at NZ. Canada can be really hard to get into if you don't follow the general EE path. Canadians love entrepreneurs in general Canadian life, but for immigration, that seems to count for very little. In NZ getting a WP is pretty easy (provided there is a lot of work for your position)(takes about 5 working days to process). Their economy is booming right now. They do a lot of fishing, so I would guess that your husband should have no problem getting a job in that field (until such time as he can start a business again if he wants) They also don't put up the barriers that Canada does for registration, so I would be highly surprised if you have any problems with your accounting qualifications. If you are seriously set on coming to Canada, you may consider NZ to be a detour to get here. You will be able to build up more capital, get out of SA, get more experience in a country that Canadians can place on a map. It may feel like that will take too long to do it that way, but it seems that general immigration stuff to Canada takes around 2 years. You could be in NZ in a month of two. Anyway, something to think about.
  17. Entrepreneur work permit

    Like MaryJane, I'm not familiar with that work permit, but having chatted to someone at the Newcomers Association a couple of months ago, I'd be of the opinion you would NOT be able to use that particular WP to find employment - that stream is for investors starting / buying a business here? I hope someone can clarify

    13 years of hindsight I will say we made the correct decision. Kids are happy and settled with a great future.

    Seems like you and I are in the same boat, as are many people on this forum. We've decided to take the plunge...a decision that was made all the more easier when we found out my wife was pregnant.
  20. Medical Exam

    Hi everyone! I've just gotten off the phone to book my Medical Exam with the recommended physician and was emailed a requirements list that he needs before I get to my appointment. Included in this list of requirements was the following: *You will need to apply online with the Canadian High Commission who will issue you with a Client Biodata form on which will be your personal IME number. The IME number is required before making an appointment. Anyone have any clue about this? I've searched the CIC website and cant seem to find any information about getting an IME number prior to going for my medical? I was under the assumption that the doctor will do everything with Emedical?
  21. UNISA LLB Degree accreditation by NCA

    @Cornel I used the Notes from the NCA Tutor and they were helpful but unfortunately the topics that were asked in the foundations exam were nowhere to be found in the notes. From what I've heard on NCA forums this particular foundations exam was bizarre and wildly ambiguous compared to previous papers. But again this is speculation, I'm hoping that if I must redo it, the second time around will be much easier. I was assessed to write 9 exams. I think most South Africans will be given the 9 exams because they cover the 5 core modules that are specific to Canada as well as another 4 modules that differ significantly to our own South African versions.

    @JulesI agree, I wish I could see the future Do you still feel like you made the best decision? Are your kids studying in Canada? @SunshineGirlStrongs with your journey as well.. I completely agree that it is the most terrifying and are getting more and more excited by the idea at the same time. @poorguyI think if we had jobs, we would not hesitate... Thank you guys.. It helps!
  23. UNISA LLB Degree accreditation by NCA

    @Luis Dos Santos that is disappointing to hear.. I will convey to my husband as well.. Did you get notes from NCA tutor? You do pay for it but it seems to be concise and may be easier to read and learn 150pg vs 1000's How many subjects do you need to write?
  24. Entrepreneur work permit

    Thanks for your answer @MaryJane . My daughter is 5 years old, so I reckon she can start primary school by the time we eventually end up there. My son is 3 in March, so he'll be at home because apparently creche is very expensive. So I'll have to apply for 3 permits basically (Entrepreneur, Open & Study)? The entrepreneur permit is classified as an employer-specific one, so I also understand that I'll be able to get an open work permit. Specifically if you could help out with this question, that would be great: If my husband gets that work permit, when we get there and he finds a job (apparently there are plenty in Vancouver if you're not afraid of getting your hands dirty), will an employer be unable to employ him because of the type of work permit (entrepreneur in this case)? Thanks!
  25. UNISA LLB Degree accreditation by NCA

    @Petronel I bought the NCA notes from They were a little cheaper than the textbooks and really helpful. @Cornel I wrote 2 exams in October (Foundations and Constitutional Law). The Constitutional Law was not too bad and I'm sure I did enough to get through it. The Foundations exam however was a literally left me baffled and without a shadow of a doubt the hardest exam I have ever written. I left the exam hall feeling really demotivated and I'll be surprised if I did enough to pass it. I struggled to get into the study mode but I studied for about 3 - 4 hours a day for 2 months before the exams. I wish I could give you a more positive response but in reality it will take some effort, I was mislead to think that an "open book" would be was not.
  26. Manitoba PNP - "friends"

    Yip, I know. But would someone trust you to sign that piece of paper? If was that easy then anyone would do it for anyone right?
  27. Manitoba PNP - "friends"

    Haha... all you need is someone to sign. Didn’t mean they have to fork out real monies. Maybe I should have said “fairly close”. You could possibly make friends?
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