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  2. Biologist and related fields

    Hi, I know this is a biologist thread, but are there any Chemists out there? Hubby and I are both Chemists (with PhDs in Chemistry) and are starting to look for jobs in the field. It seems like Toronto is where most of the industry jobs are - but this is just from looking at Does anyone have any advice for getting Science jobs in Canada? Hubby has Canadian Experience (he post-doc'ed at McGill for 2 years) but I am fresh out of my PhD.
  3. Just to say Hi!

    He has enjoyed it, it really is a beautiful city but it is very difficult to live there if you don't speak French. He took a job there to get some Canadian Experience, which helped massively for our EE points.
  4. Hi there Finally got our Passport Request email.this morning. However i have a problem, my husband is leaving for botswana tomorrow till roughly the 11th of december (2 weeks there 4 days rotation). So they actually give an e-mail adres to mail if you wont be able to make the deadline. So I emailed them explaining the situation just to receive a mail stating it can take up to 30 days to reply😕. Luckily i did put my uci ( not application number) in the subject line so hopefully reply will be quicker. Does anyone know if I can send my passport so long to get my pr visa and then we just send his passport once he is back. I need the copr that i can say i am eligible to work in canada and i dont want to wait till january.
  5. ARRIVED: Our Story

    Ummmm @billgeek PM me I may or may not have opportunities for you to look at. NO promises and it would mean a move so that might be a no-go
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  7. Introduction - This is my story

    @Nyx thanks so much for replying, big sigh of relief 😊😊
  8. Just to say Hi!

    Welcome, welcome! What does hubby think of Montreal so far?
  9. Introduction - This is my story

    Hi Amy I received my ITA before I received the updated ECA so I am not sure if it would have increased my points, but they did recognize the Milpark certificate as a one year college certificate. They evaluated it as follows: Credential Authentication: Official transcripts were sent directly by the institution Country: South Africa Credential: Certificate in Management Development Year: 2016 Awarded by: Milpark Business School Status: Recognized Program Major/Specialization: Management Development Canadian Equivalency: Completion of a college-level certificate (one year)
  10. After PPR - The When, Where and How

    Hi @Djaak when i called the SABC they told me to just go to the police station and do a normal affidavit stating that I was emigrating, as well as what I would be doing with my TV. I then emailed that to them together with a copy of my ID and plane ticket. I never heard from them (as expected) and I have already landed in Canada.
  11. Just to say Hi!

    Welcome @MuggleOnlineand best of luck! Hope it all goes smoothly.
  12. Canada immigration via inter-branch transfer?

    Hi, You would need to prove that you have some critical skills that are required by your company's branch in Canada. Its all in the wording of the application. But if it is a big company it can be an issue. Check the website out. They should be able to give you free advice on the inter company transfer.
  13. ARRIVED: Our Story

    I wish I did my homework a bit better before we flew out! Thanks for the heads-up Hennie, my sister is coming to visit during Christmas and New Years and I'm sure I won't have a car by then. I'll be sure to pass on this info! @SunshineGirl @Christelle @Jules Thanks, I'll keep posting updates as we go along. We're moving in 10 days so I'm definitely going to send another update soon! Regarding looking for a job: As soon as our visa's were approved I started looking for jobs. I'm a software developer with extensive experience in banking but unfortunately I do not have a tertiary qualification. Luckily because I've proven myself to my previous employer, they decided to give me a consulting contract for the next six months so I can have a bit of an income if I have a few hours to spare every day. I applied for a few jobs on Monster before we left but didn't get any responses. Only once we landed and I updated my profile (both on Monster AND LinkedIn) did I start getting phone calls from recruiters and hiring managers. LinkedIn seems to be the most important one to update with both your location as well as your contact details. I've had four responses to date from Monster jobs I've applied for and I'm waiting on feedback from two interviews I've been to thanks to recruitment agencies.
  14. ARRIVED: Our Story

    Great tips. I've recently been renting cars for company trips quite frequently, and have found that sometimes Avis do not charge such a high levy on one-way trips, probably when they need to move vehicles from / to airports. So always check out the different companies, and different collection location options. I recently discovered that doing a pickup in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, and dropping off at Hamilton airport was actually cheaper than doing both pickup and drop-off at the airport - go figure!
  15. Just to say Hi!

    Welcome @MuggleOnline, please keep us posted with your progress!
  16. Just to say Hi!

    Welcome to the forums, @MuggleOnline! All the best with your journey.
  17. After PPR - The When, Where and How

    And here too! Good luck with the cancellation!
  18. Just to say Hi!

    Hi, Just popping in to introduce myself - Hubby and I are from Cape Town and are looking to move to Toronto. We made the decision that we wanted to move to Canada right after we got married last year. He is currently working in Montreal on a contract job. We got out ITA on 5 October and are currently in the process of gathering our documentation to submit our PR application. I have been lurking around here for a while, and thought it was about time that we got involved in the community. Hoping for a speedy PR application process
  19. After PPR - The When, Where and How

    Hi @Djaak, Dont you think its weird that the SABC dont have this form on their own website? Dodge, very dodge! I completed it and it took 5 months to receive a confirmation letter to say that its cancelled. if you type in "cancel tv licence sabc" there are a few websites that give you the affidavit, I just googled this one: Good luck, this is one of those sticky things you have to get done before you leave. Everything of the best with your move
  20. Canada immigration via inter-branch transfer?

    Hmm, that might be a bit of an issue as I am more mid-management as opposed to senior. Well, let me speak to my company anyways and see - however this might be a bit of a dead end with those restrictions.
  21. After PPR - The When, Where and How

    Hi @Annasofe13 & @sueannejoe do you guys perhaps know where I can find/download the “original” version of the official prescribed affidavit form required by the SABC to cancel a TV license? I checked on the SABC website, but cannot seem to find it? Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  22. Planned Landing in January 2018 but...

    You should be fine - it will only be around -5 at that time of year, maybe -10 at the coldest. You won't feel it until you leave the airport. It's not SA where it's cold *everywhere*.. you could keep your SA shorts on until you leave the airport
  23. Canada immigration via inter-branch transfer?

    Hi @PsyCLown welcome back For the transfer, I believe they are LMIA exempt. However the position needs to have certain requirements. I think one of them being that it is in a senior management or executive level. There are more but here’s one page from CIC. For your girlfriend, do you guys qualify as common-law partners? If so, then she may be able to apply for an open work permit as an accompanying “spouse”.
  24. ARRIVED: Our Story

    Very good post which will be super helpful for those following.
  25. WES

    @Hopefully yours and @Luis Dos Santos , @chayne @FaithFUL Thank you guys for the support. You are dead right @Hopefully yours I updated my profile to licenced profession and agree with you. I'm just a worry pot but as you mentioned before to me to attach a printout of that section. Than you so so much for your help. My score increased to 412. Still too low but I'm going to book to re-do that test next year (all dates fully booked in CT this year it seems). It is amazing how much the English results can add to your score. Pretty much maxed out on my score for now. If only I had my husbands results. If by chance I get a PNP from Ontario then i'll definately take it. A Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush If i may ask is the Notice of Interest issued the same time when the ITA are issued or does Ontario issue it on random dates?
  26. WES

    @Moni5 I wholeheartedly agree with redoing ielts. A FSW ITA is currently being processed in under a month for many applicants compared to 5-6 months or longer for PNP, so not only do you save money, but also so much time.
  27. Express Entry Draws 2017

    Thanks so much Hoping for speedy police clearances so we can finally submit!
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