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  2. Fellow tradesmen

    All you need to do is ask and if it's within reason, it shall be done... Good luck on your journey.
  3. Job Offer, Spouse Working

    no worries. Good luck
  4. Job Offer, Spouse Working

    Thanks Lizelle, this information has been exactly what I needed.
  5. Fellow tradesmen

    No worries. Good luck on your journey. For what it's worth, having lived in both NZ and Canada, I prefer NZ by a country mile
  6. Fellow tradesmen

    Thanks for the advice Lizelle i will redo thw thread in the general section. we were considering NZ as well but Canada will be first prize.
  7. Job Offer, Spouse Working

    A job offer will raise your points, and that will get you selected quicker, which will start the process quicker. It will also get you into Canada quicker, since you can start working here while the PR is in process. Getting a job offer is pretty hard, though (read, possibility is as close to zero as you can make it, unless you have some pretty extraordinary skills). Plus, the LMIA can take months to do.
  8. Fellow tradesmen

    I would move this thread up to General, if I were you (just start a new thread there, maybe). These lower sections on the forum don't get much traffic. That being said, I have never gotten the impression that it is easy to move over to Canada as a trade. They may need a lot of trades people, but they sure have a funny way of showing it. Most trades have to do the Red Seal exam to be able to work. You also get a lot less points on EE for trades (actually, I think there is a different section that trades people go to). My brother's partner is a planner, and he did heavy electrical (eventually did the engineering degree where you do a few years of N, and then a year or so of university). They tried for a long time to get into Canada, no luck. They have now moved to NZ. She got a job as a planner at a mill from SA. They paid for the move over to NZ. He did a 2 week thing in NZ where he did some classes, and then wrote an exam (he said it was ridiculously easy, and cost him a few hundred dollars), and now he is a semi-registered engineer in NZ (think it works sort of the same as in SA, where he has to do certain stuff under a different engineer for x amount of hours, and then he is fully registered). I think as a trades person you may be better off looking at NZ, and not Canada.
  9. Shipping a few boxes

    We had a very positive experience with Biddulphs. Nothing stolen or even opened.
  10. Job Offer, Spouse Working

    Thanks Lizelle, I may well be dropping my one and keeping my wife's one. The main reason I had both was in the event I received a job offer that I could attach to the profile. Do you happen to know if there are any circumstances where we could get the PR processed quicker? Like in the event we do receive a job offer?
  11. Job Offer, Spouse Working

    You have two profiles in the pool? Why not just keep the higher one? Yes, if your wifes profile is selected, you get full PR just like her. You can legally work in Canada without any other paperwork needed.
  12. Thank you very much for your feedback.
  13. Shipping a few boxes

    Hi Kanrabat, how was your experience with Biddulphs when they delivered to you here in Canada? I have half a container which is leaving S.A today with them.
  14. Ontario PNP - Human Capital Priorities Stream

    Thanks for your quick response. We are hoping that because we meet all other requirements and would have over 67/100 that they nominate us. We should have checked the requirements more carefully before submitting the entire application
  15. Shipping a few boxes

    For a few boxes, we are using Ubag. They quoted us R3000...
  16. Ontario PNP - Human Capital Priorities Stream

    Not sure. I do think though that they send NOIs to anyone over 400 (or this year over 420) but that the min requirements are a degree, the 67/100 etc. See below: Minimum Eligibility Requirements To be eligible under the Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream, candidates must: Score a minimum of 400 points under the CRS. The score must remain at or above 400 during both the Ontario nomination processing stage and at the federal application for permanent residence processing stage; Have a minimum level of work experience; Candidates who choose to be assessed against the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) criteria must have at least one year of continuous and full-time employment experience, or part-time equivalent, in a National Occupation Classification (NOC) level 0, A, or B occupation in the five years prior to the date of the NOI from the OINP. Candidates who choose to be assessed against the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) criteria must have at least one year of cumulative and full-time employment experience, or part-time equivalent, in a NOC 0, A, or B occupation in Canada in the three years prior to the date of the NOI from the OINP. Have a Canadian Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree OR an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report produced by a designated organization indicating that their foreign education credential is equivalent to a Canadian Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD; Demonstrate a language proficiency level of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 or above in all four competencies (speaking, reading, writing, and listening); Language proficiency must be proved by test results from one of the following designated testing agencies: IELTS (General Training Test only) for english; CELPIP (General test only) for english; or TEF for french; Intend to reside in Ontario, as demonstrated by a statement of intent and indication of ties to Ontario; Possess sufficient funds to cover settlement costs in Ontario. This must be supported by bank statements; and Meet the additional criteria under either the FSWP or CEC.
  17. First Time traveling with a Canadian passport!

    Here's the deal: if you take Canadian citizenship without prior approval from SA home affairs then you automatically lose your SA citizenship. Using an unexpired SA passport afterwards is a criminal offence. But it is true that SA has no way of knowing you became a Canadian citizen... so you could operate in the grey area and use the SA passport but you use the passport at your own risk. If you are greeted by an official at the airport who asks too many questions you could get caught for a criminal offence and your vacation becomes a nightmare. Remember you need your Canadian passport to reenter Canada so any search of your personal possessions for any reason will mean they find your Canadian passport... When I land in SA I do it with my Canadian passport. When they ask for my SA version I politely say I never applied for retention of SA citizenship.
  18. Shipping a few boxes

    When we flew British Airways we paid R1000 extra for one additional bag per person. It was helpful as I needed two seasons’ clothing in Canada for work and for daily living. (I recently heard of someone flying first class just for taking on additional baggage. Mmmm... perhaps they should have researched more. 🤭) We used Biddulphs to ship half a container and we were happy with their service. Hope this helps!
  19. Shipping a few boxes

    Hi everyone. Can anyone direct me to a good option regarding shipping a few items (3-5 boxes) when we relocate to Ottawa from Cape Town? Is it better to take additional luggage on board? Thank you!
  20. PR Application submitted - September 2017

    CONGRATS!!@wibotha . Did u finally receive your PPR? also in the same boat ip2 27 feb but still waiting.
  21. PR Application submitted - October 2017

    Hie guys... anyone else still in ip2 waiting for PPR . My Aor is 6 October 2017 and got into ip2 on 27 Feb but no PPR yet anyone in the same boat? Hoping to you hear other people's experiences.
  22. Ontario PNP - Human Capital Priorities Stream

    Hi All, I need your help. My partner (he is Principle Applicant) and I submitted our application under Human Capital Stream on 15 November 2017 after receiving an NOI. Our CRS score is 415. We were in "decision in progress" stage and on 1 March 2018 received a letter from OINP requesting proof of funds (said ours wasn't unencumbered) and a query on education. We are sorting out the proof of funds requirement. Regarding education - we both had our education assessed prior to submitting our application by WES and authorised WES to share with OINP. The issue is that the WES says the main applicant's education is the equivalent of a Canadian diploma and not a degree.We are aware that a minimum of a degree is a requirement however had just submitted what we had. Do you think OINP will reject our application outright because of the education factor not being met or would we be able to get through as we meet all other requirements and can prove family relations in Canada. I appreciate any help on this! We have until 1 April 2018 to respond to their ADR. Please help!!!
  23. Job Offer, Spouse Working

    Hi All, Been reading this forum for a while, very nice site. My wife and I are already in the Express Pool (both of us) and our score is high enough that I hope to get an invite soon. I was curious about a few points that I think I know the answer to, but have not found any confirmation. If my wife's application gets accepted (as she has a higher score), am I also granted Permanent Residency as I am a dependent? Can I look for work without needing to get a Work Permit or LMIA If we receive our Permanent Residency, I am guessing looking for work will no longer require a LMIA when looking for work? I am assuming if my Wife gets an Invite I can simply pull my application as I am a dependent on my wife application. thanks everyone. Look forward to joining many of you
  24. Fellow tradesmen

    Hi Lizelle, I am a section 13 Millwright, but i have seen that in Canada their millwrights are mostly mechanical and i have done a complete electrical and mechanical trade.
  25. Applications Submitted February 2018

    Got my first update: medicals passed
  26. Fellow tradesmen

    What trade are you in? It differs a lot between trades
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