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  2. Hi All

    Welcome, Craig!
  3. Toronto, Areas not to live

    It's a very legit question - there are places to avoid ... Jane and Finch for one. Poor rail commutes? If you means dangerous - no, if you mean not at all/ not well serviced ? Yes, most of the GTA. 😂
  4. Hi All

    Hi All, We have just made the decision to start the process for immigration, we currently reside in Germany (Cape Town back in SA) and we hoping to not have too many hiccups with the process due to not being at home for biometrics, police clearances etc and whatever else we may need. Looking for to scouring this forum for any information that may help us.
  5. Toronto, Areas not to live

    Hi Everyone, This site has been an incredible source of information! Its amazing! So my Wife and I are still in the PR process, from what I can gather we on the last stage of the application before they request our passports. So we not there yet, but I do have some question about Toronto (GTA) neighborhoods. I found some great suggestions for areas to live in the GTA, but from the general consensus I have seen thus far, is really wait and see where you will find work and then decide on the area from there. This seems like solid advice, but even then there seems to be soo many options. So my question to help us narrow down faster when we land is: Which area's should we avoid even looking at? I know this may seem to be a bit of a South African Question. Bonus Question: Are there any areas with poor rail commute options?
  6. PR applications submitted April 2018

    Thanks, I’ve been following the Jan/Feb group on the forum. Hope you guys hear something soon. It seems like processing has slowed down a bit this year compared to the last couple months of 2017.
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  8. PR applications submitted April 2018

    hello, we have a group of people but mostly jan and feb aor, our applications moved to Pretoria local visa office for further processing at the beginning of march, no responses so far from them, if you are lucky your application will process in ottawa itself and that office is relatively quicker
  9. Landed in calgary with 4 dogs

    Ate some of them (fair play - predators etc) but killed and left the rest, such a waste. We will rebuild - fortify the encampment with extra strength wire.
  10. Landed in calgary with 4 dogs

    That's not good at all. Didn't even know that weasels and mink would kill and eat quail.
  11. SA Canada picnic in Burlington

    You beat me to it Jules!
  12. Local news sources

    100% my favourite is CP24 for the Greater Toronto area. They have an awesome news channel on TV and their website is great
  13. SA Canada picnic in Burlington

    Is Hidden Valley hard to find?
  14. Meeting People in the Same Boat

    No worries, we did meet yes... I can’t comment on PR as we received ours in December and the turn around was quick. Good luck, I hope they contact you soon!
  15. Mark your calendars for Saturday July 28th. SA Canada picnic in Hidden Valley Park in Burlington. Easy access from the 403 at Waterdown Rd or Aldershot GO station. For those wishing to attend but only have access to public transit, let me know and I'll arrange shuttle from the GO Train Station for you. For the newer folk here, I have a spare gas and small charcoal bbq to borrow. The park has a splash pad for the little ones, a creek (river) to explore for the not so little ones, baseball diamond, open field and more for the older. Frisbee's, rugby balls, cricket balls and bat are welcome. There is park seating for 110 people, or if you prefer, bring your own lawn chair and shade. Contact me through PM here on the forum if you would like more info.
  16. December 2017 Applications

    I mailed them a few weeks ago and thy send a automated reply that stated they will reply in 30 days. But have not received anything else!
  17. LSD Trip in November

    @LotzofTravel Dis altyd lekker om ander mense se stories te lees en te volg en dankie dat jy dit met ons deel. Ek het ook bietjie na jou blog gaan loer en ek is 99% seker dat ek saam met jou man op skool was.
  18. Meeting People in the Same Boat

    Hi, I don’t know of any other meetings at the moment - I haven’t asked to be added to those groups, so perhaps ask on the main group so the organiser can add you. I do recall them talking about one a little while back.
  19. December 2017 Applications

    Hi @Jana C I mailed Pretoria at
    • Cornel
    • Painter lady

    @Painter lady how are things going in Calgary


    How are you adapting?


    Would love to hear?

  20. Ribsy: Landing Story

    I have no doubts that it was the right decision for our family even though it was difficult being without the family for a few months. It allowed me to leave SA sooner rather the later and commence seeking employment in Canada, while my wife was able to finalise activities in SA with the support of family and friends. I wasn't happy with my SA employer at the time so the decision to move on was probably even easier. On landing I had the flexibility to move around as needed. I could stay at Airbnb (flexible accommodation) at reasonable rates in an environment that I was comfortable with compared to if my family was with me. I was able to make use of public transport and not have to invest in a vehicle immediately on landing. Vehicle financing was subsequently also possible after an offer of employment was presented. I was able to move around, network with various individuals at any time of day with no impact on family with me. I can see how my wife is finding it difficult to seek employment at the moment with the other family responsibilities. Fortunately, I was able to obtain employment, source a residence and have the necessities ready to go when the family landed which may have aided the settling in period. As indicated, family and individual situations can be vastly different. I'm the more flexible, outgoing individual in our relationship so this worked for us. I'm the main breadwinner and I needed the flexibility to go out and do what I needed to without the daily family pressures. It worked for us. It's certainly not an easy decision. Be clear about your family objectives and work towards those together. There may be no right or wrong way once those objectives have been achieved. Continued good luck to you and your family...
  21. Ribsy: Landing Story

    Thanks @Eric N. We are truly blessed that we've been allowed the opportunity to continue our lives in an alternative country. This forum kept me very sane during the lengthy process with the useful information and community support. Please note that everyone's experiences and personal situations are quite different. My intention has always been to try and give back whenever possible and I'm glad if some individuals can benefit from the experiences being shared. July 2018 is just around the corner so enjoy the last few moments with your loves ones. Good luck!!
  22. LSD Trip in November

    Hi @Cornel We landed in Toronto beginning March and are staying in "The Beaches", we totally love the suburb. Our aim for the first few months is to 1) Find a job, 2) Finalise all admin 3) Setttle in an area as close as possible to a job. However... so far the job-search has been a bit of a headache. We did Canadianise our Resume's, met with some resume consultants, send out a gazillion 'general" applications and as many as possible "customized' application with not a single interview as a result of the above. My husband tried the "Linked-in" premium option where you can directly "InMail" important people like CEO's, recruitment consultants, So far this lead to more "contact" but no jobs yet. One interview from this method, for a bank that doesn't have any openings, but are interested in his skills. So we are a bit restless about this... The admin is going fine, busy with driving-lessons to do G-level next week, although we will not buy a car until we have job-certainty. Our Airbnb stay is running out end of May and we found a three-month rental in Oakville, fully furnished at a not-too-bad price, so we'll move there in June. Hopefully by September we will have some jobs - praying praying praying. However, the area is beautiful and although we do not do much touristy things (eating in restaurants, going out) we do appreciate the abundance of lovely parks and the amazing boardwalk next to the lake. We experience a lot of goodwill from almost anybody and feel safe and relaxed and confident that it SHALL work out in the end. Missing home - no. Only some proper loud Jozi-thunderstorms!! I do have a blog, mostly Afrikaans although I plan to still do a few english posts and share some more interesting experences on this forums - as soon as I get a chance (inbetween modifiying my Resume the 148th time...)
  23. December 2017 Applications

    by the way we have a whatsapp group for express entry PR applicants who are awaiting processing in Pretoria LVO, PM me if you want to join the group.
  24. December 2017 Applications

    @tanchett did you mail pretoria or cic canada?
  25. December 2017 Applications

    On the 7the of December CIC signed for our application from DHL. On the 2nd of Feb 2018 we got AOR (Acknowledge of receipt).
  26. December 2017 Applications

    Hopefully we will be so lucky to get our ppr soon. We sent it in before you!! E-joy the getting ready to leave!
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