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  2. Deirdre

    File at Pretoria VO?

    Little bit of hope for us all, my friend's Medicals and police clearances expired in November 2019 They received PR last week without having to redo medicals and police clearances!
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  4. Slippers

    Sept 2019 PR Applications

    @Theron Feeling the same way. Think the more days that go by, the more I check my emails and profile.
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  6. Theron

    Sept 2019 PR Applications

    Our estimated date of completion is March 3 and the last we heard something was on September 17 when we passed our medicals. Getting anxious here because so many people who applied just before and after, and even on the same day, have received PPR emails. So I'm hoping ours comes soon! Good luck to everyone else still waiting as well
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  8. GuyRussy

    Banking - Temp Medical - Sim Card

    Hi @JaQ I landed in Toronto permanently, yesterday. Having done a soft landing in October I was able to get a few things done (banking, sim card etc), which made coming back a little easier. Nonetheless, on your questions. 1.1) and 1.2) Its straightforward to make international transfers, of course you'll need a Canadian bank account first. My Gf and I decided to go with RBC's (mostly recommended by the forum and new immigrants) newcomer package. The package has no monthly fees for a year, and you get some other benefits too (I think two international currency transfers a year, for free, was something that stood out for me). RBC will also offer you a credit card with no credit check (good to get your credit history going). We transferred funds from Standard Bank, entering RBC's swift code and our cheque account numbers. All of which will be given to you on opening a new account. The funds took two days to reflect! I can't imagine it being much different with ABSA, be it on the NovoFX app or not. 2) Can't answer 2, we didn't take any coverage. We're almost at 3 months from landing, so we've decided to wait it out til we covered with healthcare. 3) We decided on Freedom mobile as our operator (they're quite cheap, and have more "freedom" to choose from across their pay as you go service). I'm not sure what operators have stores at Pearson (honestly never looked for one) but don't feel too rushed to get connected at the airport. I'm not sure where your Airbnb is, but if possible, look at taking the Toronto UP express train from the airport (signs will guide you from arrivals, cost is CAD$12.34 odd including GST). It has free WI-FI on board, and you can order an Uber from within - that's what I did) and then once at your Airbnb, you'll get access to WI-FI and will have time to make a better decision on a cell operator. Note that the UP express stops at Weston, Bloor and Union (downtown) stations. Obviously if your Airbnb isn't along this route, don't take the UP express. Alternatively, connect to Pearson's WI-FI and order an Uber, then connect again at your Airbnb. Reason I suggest the above is that there are several options for everything you need, and you want to take some time to make the best decision for yourself. Alternatively alternatively, buy a sim from a provider at Pearson (I'm sure there's a Telus or Rogers store) and get connected. Either way, welcome to Toronto, haha.
  9. Flashie


    Hi everyone. Thursday I received confirmation that I have been approved to study in Canada for the next 2 years. Thank you to the odd bits and pieces from this forum that popped up in my hundreds of google searches. The most helpful things from this forum were actually those step by step breakdowns of other people's immigration journeys in their forum Bio. Gave me a good reference how long things will take. I was very fortunate to have a supporting mother both emotionally and financially for this or it would never have been possible at this stage in my life. I have full intention of paying her back every cent. I'll put mine below. I want this to be able to help as much to whoever it may, so for that purpose I will be very thorough in my teardown, and avoid the use of acronyms. (Pre-application) 28 July 2019: Booked my Computer Delivered IELTS academic exam in Joburg (R3720) 26 August 2019 to 27 August 2019: Flew to Joburg for my IELTS exam 3 September 2019: Received IELTS exam results (Listening: 8.5, Reading: 9, Writing: 7, Speaking: 7.5, Overall Band Score: 8 ) 1 October 2019 to 12 October 2019: Visited Vancouver (First trip out of SA!) for leisure, research and university tours (Application) 7 October 2019: Applied to VIU in Nanaimo for a 2 year diploma in IT (R1712.98) 10 October 2019: Contacted by the department chair of my diploma program for a video interview 16 October 2019: Video Interview 17 October 2019: Received offer to study at VIU 18 October 2019: Applied for my Police Clearance Certificate through my local PD (R114+R250) 23 October 2019: Paid a deposit for my 1st semester via FNB's Forex/Swift payment 24 October 2019: Received acceptance letter for study and work from VIU 26 October 2019: Applied for my study permit via "" (This site will become your best friend over the next few months) (R1678.58) 12 December 2019: Sent my Statement of Purpose and my Sponsorship letter to Pretoria Immigrations Canada as I left it out of my application initially 30 December 2019: Received request to do a Medical exam 2 Jan 2020: Decided on TravelDoctorCorporate in Joburg, got an appointment for 7 January 2020. 6 Jan 2020 to 8 Jan 2020: Flew to Joburg to do my medical exam (R2963) 9 Jan 2020: Received my medical report results copies I requested 13 Jan 2020: Received my passport request to Pretoria CVAC 14 Jan 2020: Sent my passport to VFSGlobal in Pretoria along with required fees and paperwork (R440.70) Was only let known by a notice at the PD after 12 weeks that I am supposed to contact Pretoria Postnet for my Police Clearance certificate to be sent back (R450) 16 Jan 2020: Received approval to study In Canada 17 Jan 2020: Received Police Clearance Certificate Throughout all of this application, life continues though. I've had other 💩 hit the fan in the meanwhile such as someone doing a hit and run on my car, getting that fixed, selling off my gaming PC and tech equipment, surgeries, Christmas, Job interviews (Still 8 months left until I leave, people! Have to do something! 😛) So keep all of this in mind. It isn't just purely waiting for action all the time. Thank you all so much for the odd bits and bunches that I found from this site to help me through my application. If anybody has questions I can help with or answer, feel free to message me while this post is still relevant. I'd be glad to answer them. This is something I'd have liked while I was applying. Thanks again. Bye
  10. MRH

    SARS tax when already living in Canada?

    LidiaS77 and all others who replied Thank you so much- your answers have really helped!
  11. Good morning fellow members, I will be leaving SA at the end of the month (January) heading to Toronto and I need to ask for advice on a few items. ❄️❄️ 1.1 - Banking - I will open a bank account with CIBC or RBC probably the day after I arrive. Is it easy to transfer funds from SA bank to your new Canadian bank account? Anyone that banks with ABSA that has done this recently? I know you use SWIFT codes but seeing as I haven't done it before I definitely would appreciate some input. ABSA also has an app called NovoFX for international banking. Do any of you have experience using this app? Should I use it instead of SWIFT or Western Union? 1.2 - Banking - Did you downgrade your South African accounts to something more affordable? Considering I won't be transacting with the accounts monthly I might as well change to something with very low fees. 2 - Temporary medical coverage - can anyone recommend what company they used to take out coverage for the three month period until OHIP kicked in? I have looked at a few options and quotes but I figured a recommendation from a forum member would help me decide. 3 - Sim Card - were you able to pick up a sim card at the airport and have it work immediately? I plan on taking an Uber from the airport (Toronto Pearson International Airport) to my Airbnb. I could take a taxi from the airport but I expect that it would be more expensive. Thank you!
  12. Hi all, I am new here and would like some guidance. We(My Husband, son and I) have received our PPR and submitted our passport at the Canadian Embassy awaiting CoPR. Any architect who can share their job hunt experience, I would like to learn a few tips that can help. Thanks so much
  13. LidiaS77

    SARS tax when already living in Canada?

    Hi MRH, Yes, we still file zero-returns with SARS every year. We've been living in Canada for almost 3 years. As far as I know you need to do this, unless you've immigrated financially. We only pay tax in Canada though. According to the double taxation treaty between South Africa and Canada we are regarded as Canadian residents for tax purposes and the type of income that we earn (salary) mean that we pay tax in Canada only. Other types of income might have other rules on where you pay tax or how tax is divided between the two countries e.g. royalties, income from property located in SA etc. so it's important to find out which rules would apply to you. Also keep in mind that the double tax treaty between South Africa and Canada take precedence over either country's domestic laws and being a "resident for tax purposes" is completely separate from being a "permanent resident" or "citizen" of a country. Here is some more discussions about this:
  14. Me again.. I am looking for advice on the steps to take when closing down our small business here in SA amid our move to Canada. We are VAT registered with SARS and others like Workmen's Compensation. Have any of you had to do this? I would really really appreciate any advice and would like to chat with you about specifics. Thank you kindly
  15. Hi guys I would like to know if any of you already living in Canada still pay SARS taxes or even submit an annual income tax return to SARS annually (even if it is a zero-return)? Thanks
  16. DJNdV


    This is probably too late for the OP, but in case anyone comes across this posting in future, WES does accept faxed copies of the certificate Same happened to us and found the info on their website stating that it can be faxed. We did this and the status changed within a day or two.
  17. JBRT

    May 2019 applications

    Great news, congratulations!!
  18. KelvinK

    Tenant's insurance

    Hi @Margaret. I have insurance from SquareOne - so far so good and well priced (you can select from a few options), although I've never had to submit a claim. On a totally useless note, I had insurance with Santam in SA - they were excellent. I had quite a few claims (car accident, cellphone stolen, etc.) and they never gave any problems with claims.
  19. JeanneT

    Proof of Funds - Tips and Tricks

    Just want to know if you ever received any feedback? Was the flexi-bond transfer accepted as proof of funds? Thank you!
  20. Margaret

    Tenant's insurance

    thank you! I’ll check them out...I have a decent quote from SquareOne, $25, but I have no idea what customer satisfaction with the company is.
  21. GrantM

    Tenant's insurance

    Damn, we needed it for a month recently because we sold our house and the one we bought only closed a month later. That was $38 through Dejardins and included the apartment we stayed in and the storage unit we rented. However, I already had my cars and house insured through them...
  22. Margaret

    Tenant's insurance

    Thank you GrantM, we had a look at RBC, but it appears the cheapest option they currently offer is $50pm which is a bit more than we currently have to insure.
  23. GrantM

    Tenant's insurance

    When I was a tenant I just went through my bank, RBC. Was like $35pm.
  24. Margaret

    Container advice

    We had a look at MoveCube, turned out rather expensive compared to ordinary groupage container. In the end I shipped some of our more urgent belongings using U-bag and the rest we are awaiting by container.
  25. Margaret

    Tenant's insurance

    Does anyone have advice regarding to choice of company for Tenant's Insurance? We are settling in Ontario.
  26. Slippers

    Sept 2019 PR Applications

    Congrats! awesome news! All the best for the move.
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  28. wensyb

    Sept 2019 PR Applications

    Im sure you will hear soon. I wouldnt call until after the est date of completion. They make it clear not to. Let us know what happens. Good luck!
  29. Tarryn8

    Police Clearance Delays

    Hi @ZAtoCD If you have recieved the first sms, then you will be able to track your clearance certificate on the police website. You will use the ref number in the sms and your ID number. We saw ours was ready online and the second sms only came a couple days afterwards. Trying to get ahold of them is an absolute nightmare as it just tends to ring and then cut you off. I've been successful once or twice previously but that was calling at about 7 30 am. Perhaps that will work for you too. Best of luck!
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